Seac Sub Sonic Unisex

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With UV filters built into the lense, the Seac Sub Sonic Swimming Goggle is perfect for sea and lake swimming and the the shape helps water to flow over your face more easily whilst the curved sides of the lense allow you a better field of vision to see more of what's around you.


The Seac Sonic swim mask is designed to combine comfort and performance thanks to the soft, hypoallergenic organic silicone face combined with an exclusive hydrodynamic design that reduces friction with the water. The curvature of the anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses allows excellent peripheral vision. Seac Sonic goggles can also be used for outdoor swimming thanks to the total protection from the sun's UV rays. The strap adjusts quickly thanks to the Pulsar + buckle system on both sides. They are available in 6 colors and are suitable for both men and women. A practical box is included for storing them after use. The Seac Sonic swim goggle completes the Seac line dedicated to swimming that includes: floating modular belt, kickboard, pull buoy, hand fins, short training fins, fabric, and silicone swimming caps, swimwear, nose and earplugs, swimming goggles and masks, rubber flip-flops and pool bags.

Hydrodynamic design
Better water glide and 180° field of vision

The high quality liquid silicone allows you to wear the mask even for prolonged periods without sacrificing comfort

•SWIMMING MASK for training in the pool or in the open water thanks to the lenses with UV protection
•HYDRODYNAMIC DESIGN to optimize performance while minimizing friction with water
•SPECIAL ANTI-FOGGING LENSES and anti-scratch, designed to offer a wide field of vision, well above 180 °
•PULSAR+ SYSTEM for quick adjustment of the silicone strap on both sides

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