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Top Sustainable Gifts 2022


We’re all looking to do our bit for the environment and for those of us with sustainability and the environment on our minds, Christmas can be a conflicting time. What options are there when buying some outdoor gear for our adventurous friends and family? Our hope is that this list will give you some direction on what to get the outdoor enthusiast in your life. 

Rab Microlight

The microlight jacket from Rab has been an industry leader in multi-use insulation pieces for many years. This latest iteration of the jacket features 100% recycled down as well as all the liner and outer fabrics being made using recycled nylon. The use of recycled materials and recycled down decreases the jacket’s impact on the environment while maintaining the high quality we’ve come to expect from this jacket. This piece comes in a jacket and a hoodie.

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Corey/Miska Fleece

A cosy fleece is a brilliant gift regardless of how “into the outdoors” they are! The Corey and Miska fleeces (as well as most of the range) from Craghoppers are made using recycled materials. Approximately 40 bottles were recycled to make this product. They also come in a variety of colours to suit their style!



Icebreaker as a brand is leading the way in reducing its impact on the environment. They are currently 91% Merino or plant-based vs only 9% remaining synthetic. Their aim is to be a completely plastic-free company by 2023. Icebreaker uses Merino wool that reaches ZQ Merino standards for Animal Welfare.


Helly Hansen Odin 9 Worlds 

The Odin 9 world’s Lifa infinity pro jacket from Helly Hansen paves the way in what the eco-conscious pro-shell can be. There are a few things that set this jacket apart. You do not need to tumble dry it to reactivate the water repellency. With standard waterproof jackets, in the proofing process, you would apply a bit of heat after applying a DWR treatment to the jacket to reactivate the waterproofing. Less time in a tumble dryer means less energy used which is of course better for the environment. The Lifa fibres have 16% less environmental impact when compared to standard polyester without sacrificing performance.

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Smartwool Socks

As we mentioned previously wool is one of the most sustainable insulation fibres available. When that is paired with Smartwool’s plastic-free packaging a pair of Smartwool socks or a very good environmentally conscious gift, especially when compared to a standard pair of cotton socks. They are also far more durable, wicking and high performing! Smartwool also uses ZQ-Certified Merino wool. 

Deuter Backpacks

Aside from clothing, other brands such as Deuter are making strides to reduce their environmental impact. All of their backpacks are now PFC-free and are made up to 50% with recycled fabrics.

Scarpa and Meindl Boots

It can be difficult to make environmentally driven footwear choices. As shoes wear out over time. A workaround for this is purchasing a bonded boot from a brand that offers resoling. Both Scarpa and Meindl offer this service for their bonded boots so if the upper is taken care of you could get multiple soles out of one pair of boots full stop this is not only more inexpensive to you but isn’t reduces the number of boots being discarded at the end of their lives. Scarpa also offers this service for their climbing shoes. 


We hope that this has made you feel more at ease about purchasing something for the environmentally-conscious outdoor enthusiast in your life. If you would like to read more about the steps we are taking to reduce our environmental impact check out our environmental responsibility page on our website.


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