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The Perfect Wetsuit Fit and Care guide!

Getting your wetsuit fit dialed in is amongst the most important things when it comes to being comfortable in the water! An ill-fitting suit leads to restriction of movement, chaffing, and general discomfort. Most importantly, though it can also defeat the purpose of wearing one at all. Wetsuits work by trapping a thin layer of water in between you and the water that surrounds you. So, if your suit is too big it will not be able to trap the water and you will stay cold!

The right size

Sizing on wetsuits is slightly different from other clothing items, so getting the right-sized wetsuit can be challenging. We have a fit guide on our website to help you with getting the correct size! We would generally recommend trying the suit in-store and letting one of our experts advise you on fit in person. It is worth remembering that the neoprene that wetsuits are made of will stretch as they get wet so, the first time you try on the suit it may seem a bit tight, that’s ok, so long as it doesn’t feel restrictive!

Trying the suit on

There are a few key pointers to look out for!

  1. There should be no gaps under the armpits or inseam.
  2. Sleeves should fit a few inches above your wrists.
  3. Legs should come a few inches above your ankles.
  4. The suit should feel skin tight around your body. You may have to adjust the suit fit quite a bit the first time you wear it in order to figure out how to fit the contours of the suit to your body.

Caring for your wetsuit

Now. You should have a perfect fitting wetsuit, let’s keep it performing as long as possible! These tips should ensure the suit lasts a very long time!

Avoid Heat!

Heat will ruin neoprene, make it stretch, and lose its flexibility. Resist the urge to jump into a hot shower after a cold surf or dip! This also means no hot water washing and do not leave it in the sun as UV rays can also damage the suit! *For more tips on washing your suit check the next point!


It is vital to the longevity of your suit that you rinse it in fresh water as soon as possible once you take it off. Getting rid of dirt, sand, oils from your body, and most importantly salt crystals quickly are essential! It is also worth getting some Wetsuit Shampoo to wash your suit every 2/3 uses also to make sure it doesn’t get smelly!


Dry your wetsuit inside out. This will ensure that the flexibility of the outside remains longer! Also if the wetsuit is not completely dry when you are putting it on again – you will be putting the dry side against your body.


If you are hanging up the suit for a little while, do so on a nice wide hanger so as not to crumple the neoprene. Allow lots of space to store your suit, do not put it in a cramped drawer.


For more information on caring for your suit check out this link!


Happy watersports-ing!

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