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Still Wearing Plastic?

Still wearing plastic?

For many of us, the answer is, uncomfortably, yes.

As a retail shop, we are very aware that the products we sell have an impact on the environment they are designed to be used in. We are making steps to ensure we stock more environmentally conscious brands. Brands that have sustainability at their core. One of the top brands that fit this description for us is Icebreaker.


Icebreaker started in New Zealand in 1994 and has grown steadily throughout the world ever since. This luxurious and much sought after clothing brand was conceived and designed with a philosophy of sustainability; using natural fibres, and maintaining strict environmental and social ethics. Paying close attention to animal welfare, they provide natural, technical, outdoor products as an alternative to synthetic clothing










The uncomfortable truth is, plastic is still the dominant textile in the fashion and apparel industry world-wide. Conservatively speaking, statistics tell us that half of the clothes in our wardrobes (and on our backs right now) are in fact made from materials derived from petro-chemicals.

Don’t wear plastic, wear icebreaker. Merino breathes, doesn’t smell, it’s lightweight, easy to care for, manages moisture and regulates temperature.

Choose 100% merino clothing.

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