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Snugpak Sleeping Bag Range

Snugpak Sleeping Bag Range

We have a large range of Snugpak Sleeping bags in stock here is a quick guide on how to understand the range and get the right bag for you!

Softie Range

Using Snugpak‘s custom “Softie” synthetic insulation technology the Softie expansion range of sleeping bags will keep you warm from 2°C all the way down to -20°C / -4°F depending on the sleeping bag you choose. In order to know the correct bag for you the warmth of the bag increases with the model number.

The word “Expansion” in the name references the fact that some of the softie range include, “a unique expanding system called the EEP (Elasticated Expander Panel), this allows the user the option to make the bag wider when required. You can do this to give yourself more room to move or to help cool the bag allowing you to regulate your body heat for a more comfortable night’s sleep.”

The Softie Expansion 5 is a best seller for us! This expedition-quality synthetic bag is often used on Earth’s Edge trips up Kilimanjaro and beyond!

Travelpak Range

As the name suggests this range of bags is best on the move. They prioritize being lightweight while also offering good insulation for warmer nights. Since they use less insulation than their cold-weather-focused counterparts, these bags are much more compact.

The Travelpak range would be ideal for temperatures from 7°C to -7°C. Much like the Softie range as the model number increases the bag is warmer. So the Travelpak 4 is our warmest bag in the range and would be perfect for warmer Spring and Autumn adventures. The Travelpak 2 would be great for Irish summer nights and the Travelpak 1, Travelpak Traveler, and Snugpak Jungle Bag are most at home in warmer climates or a warm summer’s evening when you just need to take the edge off. All of the Travelpak and Jungle Bags feature a bug net around the hood which is especially useful to avoid losing sleep due to flies!

Sleeper Extreme

Designed for warmth on cold autumn nights, the Snugpak Sleeper Extreme sleeping bag is able to protect you in temperatures down to -12°C. This durable synthetic sleeping bag is a best seller offering a great balance of performance and technical fabrics whilst remaining affordable.

Sleeper Zero

The Snugpak Sleeper Zero Sleeping Bag is perfect for those who want to disappear into the undergrowth. This sleeping bag has the same specifications as the sleeper lite and is perfect for 2/3 season camping in Ireland.


The Snugpak Explorer is our introductory sleeping bag for children, designed with the same materials as our adult range the Explorer is perfect for little ones looking to start camping! Its multifunctional and when fully unzipped becomes a quilt. The Explorer is fantastic for their camping trips in summer or just a fun sleepover with their friends.


The Snugpak Navigator Sleeping Bag is a great introduction to our Snugpak sleeping bag range. It is versatile, comfortable and features a supersoft inner lining that is perfect for keeping you warm.


The Snugpak Nautilus Sleeping Bag is a great introductory sleeping bag and is a lighter version of their navigator model. This 2 Season sleeping bag is perfect for camping in Ireland anytime during spring and summer.

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