Zone3 Advance Triathlon Wetsuit Mens

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The Zone3 Advance Triathlon wetsuit is recognized as the best entry-level suit on the market and Zone3 have worked hard to further improve the look and feel of the suit in their new collection, whilst still keeping the price point as low as possible. As well as providing warmth, the wetsuit's streamlined design helps you to swim faster and with less effort.


Stay warm, swim faster, save energy and spend less money, these are all key characteristics of the Advance Wetsuit.

The Advance wetsuit is recognised by many to be the best entry level suit on the market, with 220 Magazine awarding 94% and its coveted Best on Test award in 2018, stating that the Advance ‘wouldn’t feel out of place against many of the mid-range products available at twice the price’ and is ‘a brilliant all-rounder that comes at a great price’.

Not known for being content, we have continued to improve the look, feel and performance of the suit, whilst still keeping the price point as low as possible. A new shoulder layout and underarm lining allows for 8.5% further reach in the water and more comfort and flexibility.

  • Winner of the 2018 BEST ON TEST award in 220 Magazine with 94% rating.

  • Highest rated entry level wetsuit on the market with over six years of fantastic customer and industry reviews.

  • New and improved Flex-Fit shoulder panel layout with Free Flex lining on the underarm.

  • High quality materials and features not normally seen at this price point.

  • Laser cut collar design.

  • Eco Friendly Neoprene; utilising the latest earth mined limestone and scrap rubber tires helps us to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200g per suit.

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