Waboba Cracket Set (With Moon Ball) Unisex

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Step up to the plate and hit the Moon ball out of this world! With the Cracket bat's weight, handle grip, and flat surface, you'll knock the Moon out of the park. Not even kidding. Go ahead and call yourself Bobe Ruth, because you’ll feel like a legend. Moon ball may vary in colour.



  • Perfect for baseball, cricket, and home run derbies

  • Set includes 1 Waboba Cracket bat and 1 Moon ball

  • Durable, high-quality, cricket bat with a super grip

  • Ages 5+

  • Bat length: 36 inches / 91 cm

Shipping Dimensions 93.0cm X 11.0cm X 8.0cm
Shipping Weight 0.543kg
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