Trek N Eat Chana Masala (Chickpeas)

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With this entree, Trek’n Eat adds the taste of India to your cookpot. Chana Masala is a classic dish from India and Pakistan whose primary ingredient is chickpeas.


Chickpeas are a legume, just like beans. They are particularly high in protein but have a high percentange of carbohydrates too. You’ll also find a treasure trove of minerals, including iron, magnesium and zinc, making Chana Masala especially suited to fill empty energy stores.

A delicate mix of spices pays perfect homage to India in Trek’n Eat’s Chana Masala.


Net weight: 180g. After added water: 540g

Nutrition facts per 100g per meal

kJ/kcal 1417/339 per meal 2550.6/610.2

Protein 9.4g per meal 16.92g

Fat 2.5g per meal 4.5g

- of which saturated fatty acids 0.5g per meal 0.9g

Carbohydrates 68g per meal 122.4g

- of which sugar 16g per meal 28.8g

Fibre 5.7g per meal 10.26g

salt 4g per meal 7.2g

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