Trek N Eat Balkan Risotto

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The Balkan Risotto from Trek’n Eat combines the best of the diverse culinary world of this geographic region to a T.


Exquisite herbs give that extra pizzazz, carrying your senses to Southern European shores. Just as is traditional for the Balkans, the addition of meat or rice of course isn’t lacking.

With beef and rice in just the right balance, your thoughts will soon carry you off to the next adventure along the warm shores of the far-flung Southern European coast or a tour to the interior where you’ll be charmed by the landscape and people.

Net weight: 190g. After added water: 650g

Nutrition facts per 100g per meal

kJ/kcal 1647/396 per meal 3129.3/752.4

Protein 16g per meal 30.4g

Fat 13.8g per meal 26.22g

- of which saturated fatty acids 8g per meal 15.2g

Carbohydrates 51g per meal 96.9g

- of which sugar 12g per meal 22.8g

Fibre 5g per meal 9.5g

salt 3.4g per meal 6.46g

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