Therm-a-Rest Tourlite 3 Regular

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This mattress is the perfect choice for camping enthusiasts and those who want to lift
the level of self-inflating mattresses is a little bit higher.


The TourLite 3 self-inflating car mattress provides comfort and thermal insulation. 3 cm thick foam with coefficient
thermal insulation R-value 4,1 R allows three-season camping in the open air. The perforation of high-quality foam makes it easy to pack, the car mattress can be compressed and packed into small dimensions and does not take up much space in a backpack.
  • Enjoy the outdoors: offering comfortable convenience at a very pleasant price
  • Collapsibility: the compression sleeve ensures easy collapsibility so you can take it anywhere
  • Lightweight: a lightweight mattress that won't weigh down your pack and gets you further
  • Self-inflating: the foam core has shape memory and regains its original shape and size when unpacked
  • (self-inflating), just inflate slightly according to your comfort requirements. The classic valve allows
  • quick inflation/deflation and is resistant to dirt and cold weather.
  • Color: Poseidon Blue
  • Accessories: including compression sleeve
  • Package size: Regular (17cm x 28cm) & Large (17cm x 35cm)
  • dimensions: 183x51x3 cm
  • 790 grams
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