Seac Sub Magica White/Orange - L/XL

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The Seac Magica Full Face Snorkelling Mask is the new mask that offers everyone the chance to admire the wonders of the sea, in complete safety.


The skirt of this mask is made with an innovative polymer without phthalates of the highest quality and is available in 2 sizes, depending on the distance between the nose and the chin, to fit perfectly to each face (size S / M = between 10 cm and 11.5 cm - size L / XL = more than 11.5 cm).

The wide anti-fog panoramic screen is made in durable polycarbonate that allows for a clear and complete view of the seabed.

The comfortable elastic fabric bands are adjusted both in the upper and lower part of the mask for a perfect fit, without fear of any water entering.

Like all the full face snorkelling masks of the Seac line, the Seac Magica also utilises the exclusive patented system of separate channels for the inhaled and exhaled air which really allows for natural breathing, without the annoying loud exhalation noises or the sense of breathing fatigue.

The Seac Magica's dry top snorkel prevents water from entering from any sudden waves.

Easy to use
Seac Magica is a full face snorkelling mask suitable for adults and children from 10 years

Wide screen
Wide panoramic screen with abrasion resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate that allows a clear 180° view

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