Seac Sub 15ml Biogel Anti-fog Spray

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Whether you use it for your glasses, dive mask or motobike helmet visor, the Seac Sub 30ml Biogel Anti-fog Spray is the best in class at keeping you from steaming up.


Seac Antifog Biogel is an anti-fog for diving masks, snorkelling masks and swimming goggles. The Seac Antifog Biogel is 100% natural without harmful chemicals, no irritants that could harm your skin, eyes or the marine environment. Created for water sports lovers, it can also be used for ski, motorbike and mtb masks.

Anti-fog spray for diving masks, snorkeling masks and swimming goggles
Fast and effective anti-fog action
100% natural product (no harmful chemicals)
It can also be used for non-aquatic activities

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