Scarpa Arpia Mens

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The new Scarpa Arpia is a medium-rigid shoe from the “Balance Performance” line, which combines quality support with flexibility and comfort. The 3.5 mm Vibram® XS Grip2 sole and the Vibram rubber heel guarantee excellent grip for climbers looking for an all-round model, suitable for bouldering, cliff climbing and the gym.


The Scarpa Arpia is designed to bridge the gap between beginner and high-performance shoes. The last's slight downturn and moderate asymmetry balances comfort and performance to provide sensitivity and precision without being so uncomfortable that it can't be worn on longer routes, or by feet that will need time to adjust to more aggressive shoes.

The sole is stiff at the front to offer support on edges and longer routes, but because it's only 2/3 length it won't be hinder smearing ability.

Thanks to the Velcro fastening, the fit can be adjusted to any shape of foot. Arpia is slightly downturned, and with a moderately angled toe box. The microfibre upper is finished on the inside with a fabric that is soft next to the skin to boost comfort. The volume of the heel area has been reduced for higher-precision hooking, while the rubber-coated surface covers the whole of the toe and has a reinforced area to boost duration.

All of this makes it a great all-round shoe for the intermediate climber, or a great all-day shoe for the more experienced climber who's after a supportive, comfortable shoe for multi-pitch or trad climbing.

Hand-constructed Vibram XS Grip 2 heel adapts to different foot shapes

Upper combines 3 panels in microfibre and a bottom panel in suede

 Integral lining for special comfort and durability

 V-Tension active randing system keeps the shape of the shoe over its life, and it supports the toe area for edging while allowing enough flex for smearing

 Full length Dynamic Flexan 1.4mm, with extension for heel reinforcement

 Low-volume heel shape

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