BCB Adventure Paracord Bracelet Metal Black

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Not just for style, the BCB Paracord Bracelet can be unravelled to become a length of paracord. Capable of holding up to 180kg, this strong cord can be used in a number of scenarios. Whether securing a shelter, setting up a washing line, replacing a broken bootlace, or even removing the sheath of the cord to use the inner strands as a fishing line, a Paracords Bracelet is sure to prove useful.


Paracord Bracelets are not only stylish, they are also an extremely practical piece of kit. Made from strong paracord with a breaking strain of 396lbs, they can be unravelled to help you out of sticky situations.

Just a few suggestions:

  • emergency bootlace
  • securing a shelter
  • washing line
  • repairing a backpack
  • tourniquet
  • fishing line (7 integral strands).

Length: 22.9cm (9”)

Breaking strain: 396lbs (180kg)

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