Palm Equipment HMS Screwgate Karabiner

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This screwgate karabiner is the perfect piece of kit to keep in your kayak safety gear.  Ideal for instructors or those involved in River Safety Rescue.


The Palm HMS Screw-Gate Karabiner is a strong, versatile tool, ideal for almost any safety and rescue set up.

A very strong, versatile tool for coaches and paddlers who practise safety and rescue.

The screw-gate system of this karabiner allows for an incredibly secure hold on whatever you connect it to.

Made from hardened and anodized aluminium, the Palm HMS Screw-Gate Karabiner has excellent durability, even in the harshest conditions.

The red design of the karabiner also adds to visibility, even if it is underwater. 

Materials: Anodised aluminium
Weight: 77g
Strength: Maximum breaking strength 24 kN (major axis)‚ 7 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN (open gate)
  • EN12275:1998/BandK and EN362:2004/B
  • UIAA approved
Other Features:
  • Screw gate opening
  • Gate opening 23 mm
  • Clean nose
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