Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel 125ml

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If you're looking to prolong the life of your favourite footwear, then you need to give it some TLC with Nikwax 125ml Footwear Cleaning Gel. It cleans safely, revitalizes breathability and water repellency.


This handy, gel-based cleaner works on all suede, nubuck or smooth-finish leathers. Removes stubborn dirt and wax left by previous waterproofing applications, leaving your boots ready for a fresh application of Nikwax treatment

Why breathability depends upon water repellency.
Breathable waterproof footwear is most likely to get sweaty and wet inside when used in damp or wet conditions. If the outer fabric or leather absorbs water, the breathability of the footwear will be reduced. Therefore, the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) of your footwear must be maintained to ensure comfort. Through use, the outer surface of footwear will pick up contaminants, such as dirt, which attract water, masking the effect of any DWR coating. Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™ will remove contaminants and revitalize DWR.

Waterproof footwear needs to be breathable.
When you’re active and wearing footwear, your socks draw moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry. However, if your footwear absorbs water and ‘wets out’ its breathability will be reduced. Moisture vapour will not be able to escape through the material, so your feet will feel clammy and wet.
Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™ will revitalize the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) preventing water absorption, maintaining breathability and keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Breathable waterproof footwear is for active, outdoor people.
Anyone who is active outside in damp or wet conditions will benefit from breathable waterproof footwear. Whether you’re a mountaineer, cyclist, dog walker, or you work outside as a farmer or surveyor, you will need good footwear.

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