Lifeventure USB World Travel Adapter

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This USB UK World Travel Adapter is suitable for use with 3 pole earthed plugs to enable travellers to use their devices in over 200 countries worldwide and for multiple charging of devices. Using the adapter is easy and the 3 sliding plug faces alternate between US, British, and Australian/Chinese configurations by simply pressing the button on the side. Slide out the configuration you need and it’s ready to use. You can covert to EU sockets, or use EU plugs, by taking the front section off.


  • Converts UK/EU plugs for use in power outlets worldwide
  • Operating Voltage: 110-250VAC (Max 10A)
  • 2 USB charging ports (5V, 2400mA)
  • BS 8546 Compliant, CE & RoHS certified
  • This adapter can accept Type C, E, F and G plugs
  • This adapter can plug into Type B, D,E, F, G, I, K and O plugs
  • Please note: this adapter does not convert voltage
Weight: 175g
Dimensions (packed): 65 x 53 x 70mm
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