Lifeventure TSA Combination Lock - Green

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The Lifeventure TSA Combination Lock is a customs friendly padlock with a metal body.


The lock has a 3 dial combination that can be personalised and will fit all Lifeventure packs as well as most other lockable zips.

The TSA feature allows customs officials to carry out their duties without causing any damage to your luggage or the lock, as the TSA standard means it can be opened by airport staff without breaking it.

Travel Tip: Spot your luggage on the carousel by your brightly coloured zip locks.

TSA security fitting to aid airport screening

Zinc-alloy body with hardened shackle

Resettable 3-digit number combination

Designed to fit most lockable zips

Weight: 73g (each)

Dimensions (packed): 15 x 30 x 58mm

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