Lifeventure Mini Cable Lock

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This mini cable lock from Lifeventure, has a tough ABS plastic body which houses a 70cm retractable steel cable shackle which can be weaved around and through your luggage for extra peace-of-mind. 


A 60cm retractable cable lock that can be threaded through the straps or other fixed part of your valuables and attached to a static object.

Perfect for keeping your luggage secure while asleep or looking elsewhere!

Also excellent for snowsports and triathlon. The combination can be personalised.

It uses a resettable three-digit combination.

Travel Tip: Tie up your rucksack when you’re sleeping in a hostel to stop thieves.

Tough ABS plastic body

70cm retractable steel cable shackle

Resettable 3-digit number combination

Ideal for securing luggage, skis etc.

Weight: 57g

Dimensions(packed): 45 x 75 x 15mm

Cable length: 700mm

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