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Improve or regain your sense of balance with the huku Lár.

The Lár is our first 360 wobble balance board, perfect for use in the office, the gym or at home. The Lár wobbles on our beautiful natural birch dome, no plastic here! Improve your core strength, posture and coordination on our hand made monochrome screen printed balance board.

Hand made in Co. Donegal, the Lár is an excellent aid for a wide range of exercise, from planks, pushups, bridges and squats.

For your physio needs the Lár helps increase the strength of specific muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. The Lár is a fantastic addition to your office, be that at home or elsewhere. Sitting for long periods of time does not do our backs any favours. Standing for a few minutes every hour or so on the huku Lár is an excellent way to alleviate this problem. Take that phone call on your huku Lár and engage that core.


The Lár is perfect for beginners right through to the pros.

Suitable for ages 10 years and up


  • All-natural build with a natural silica anti-slip grip
  • Made in Ireland to the highest standards
  • Used by professional athletes, rehabilitation therapists and more
  • Ideal for performing a variety of exercises
  • Regain or improve balance after an injury or surgery
  • Perfect for the home office or standing desk 
  • DImensions: 600 mm x 305 mm x 75 mm
  • Recommended Max Weight: 180 kg


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