Incognito Anti-Mosquito Incognito Natural Crystal Deodorant

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Fabulous new incognito citronella deodorant. 100% natural.


This is the first time ever a crystal stick has been able to contain an essential oil; rare Java citronella, making this a highly effective body odor mask.

  • Significantly reduce your attractiveness to all insects. Long lasting and non-sticky with a fresh, citrus fragrance, incognito citronella deodorant is the first alum crystal to be infused with an essential oil.
  • Like all our products, it is made from all natural ingredients and smells great.
  • Use in conjunction with incognito anti-mosquito spray for an unprecedented level of natural protection from biting and stinging insects.
  • Safe for all the family. Moisten before use

Tested on humans not animals

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