Huku Boards Balance Beam Unisex

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Made using only natural materials in the workshop in
County Donegal , the HuKu balance beam combines the
strength and beauty of Maple and Birch to create 
beam. The 1 meter long Maple beam is held in place by
two Birch feet with a natural cork grip. These feet keep your
beam from moving while you get in your foot and balance

One of the main benefits of using the huku balance beam is
that not only do we engage physically to achieve this
apparently simple task, but we engage our mind as well.
Both your body and mind must be focused on the task at


  • To begin your huku balance beam journey, simply attempt to walk the length of the beam, turn and walk back, all without touching the ground!
  • After you have mastered that, attempt to stand on either foot with the other foot in the air. Switch from right to left as you feel comfortable.
  • Mastered that? Then it’s time to try a squat! While standing on the balls of both your feet, squat with your back straight and knees bent and see how long you can hold the position.


1-meter long beam X 50 mm diameter.

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