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Helly Hansen Lifa Active Solen T-Shirt Womens

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Stay protected against the sun with the Helly Hansen Solen collection.


With excellent moisture management properties, the Helly Hansen Solen products are designed to keep you feeling dry on those hot summer days.

The Solen collection is made of Helly Hansen's most effective, high-performance active fabric, LIFA® Active, combined with S.Café®.

S.Café® technology is the reason behind the 50+ UPF sun protection. Through a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, recycled coffee grounds are infused during fiber creation to boost UPF protection to 50+ UPF that will never wash out.

The micro-pores on S.Café® coffee grounds absorb odors and maintain the UPF value both when wet and dry. They also offer up to 200% faster drying time when compared with cotton. In addition to natural odor control and quick drying time, the S.Café® technology removes the need for any chemical treatments that can negatively affect the environment.

UPF 50+

Natural Odour Resistency

Excellent moisture management

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