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Great Outdoors Tacx® Shiva™ 750ml Bio Bottle Transparent

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Our new branded drinks bottle from Tacx is a bottle with a conscience. Made from biodegradable plastic, the Shiva 750ml Bio is BPA and PET(E) Free and tasteless too allowing you to enjoy your water and drinks and knowing that the bottle won't be around forever when you've finished using it.


If you have ever watched a professional cycling Spring Classic or Grand Tour on television, then you have probably seen riders tossing empty water bottles to the roadside. While riders face up to 1,000 CHF (900 EUR) in fines for the infraction, Tacx® sought to create a bidon that was more palatable to the planet. The Tacx® Shiva™ 750ml Bio is the BIG BROTHER of professional cycling’s #1 water bottle, in biodegradable form. The Shiva™ Bio water bottle is a timeless classic that features easy to squeeze biodegradable plastic, and an ergonomic, easy grip cap with lockable pull-out spout. Tacx® Shiva™ 750ml Bio bottle and cap are made in The Netherlands using BPA and PET(E) Free biodegradable plastic, and with our Great Outdoors branding on it, you know it's a quality product.

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