Palm Equipment Delta Wooden Canoe Paddle

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The Palm Equipment Delta Wooden Canoe Paddle is designed for open and mild waters and paddles well beyond its modest price. It features a smooth, comfortable pear grip, an indexed oval shaft and a moulded blade that feathers cleanly through the water.


The Palm Delta is a wooden canoe paddle that features a blended laminate of a number of different woods. Designed to be great for open and gentle waterways this really is a please to hold in the hand. The oval shaped paddle shaft is made from Douglas fir and this runs right down into the blade. The rest of the paddle blade is then a combination of Ponderosa pine along with walnut and ash. The bottom of the paddle blade then features a reinforced tip, while the opposite end has a exceptionally comfortable pear grip which also offer great control over the paddle.


Oval solid Douglas Fir shaft
Moulded, laminated Ponderosa Pine-Walnut-Ash blade
Rock Shield blade tip
Pear grip

Materials: Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine-Walnut-Ash
Colours: Natural wood

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