Buff Lightweight Merino Wool - Grey Unisex

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A lightweight Merino Wool Multifunctional Tubular from Buff. Made of 100% natural Merino Wool, this is a light and versatile neck tubular.


Lightweight Merino wool tubulars from Buff are extremely versatile and great as base protection layers for fresh weather.

Extremely soft feeling, and it is made with the comfortable and natural fibers of Merino wool.

Ideal for use during low-medium intensity outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking and climbing.

Size: One Size.

Designed for adults.

Eco friendly accessory: 100% Merino wool

125 g/m²: The lightest in the Merino range, right balance on fresh days.

Perfect for walks, hikes or low intensity sports.

Made from natural Merino wool. 100% sustainable eco fabrics for maximum comfort, warmth and thermo regulation properties.

Made of one Merino Wool layer of 125 gr/m².

Wide range of wearing styles and possibilities. Enjoy versatility and freedom in one product.

100% natural fibers obtained excusively from sheep.


100% Merino Wool

All Year-round

Care instructions:
Do not machine wash

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