Bridgedale Liner Base Layer Thermal Sock Twinpack Mens

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Minimal cushioning and ideal for wearing next to the skin to form a secondary layer of protection. Designed to be worn for warmth and comfort these Bridgedale thermal liners with Endurofil will help keep feet warm, dry and protected.


Designed to be worn for comfort, additional warmth and practicality, liner socks will help to keep you comfortable for as long as possible whatever the terrain is like. Perfect for protecting your feet during treks and hikes or even to wear everyday on their own.

Endurofil has the lowest thermal conductivity of any yarn and worn next to the skin helps the retain heat generated by your feet. They will also transport moisture generated quickly away from the skin out to the main sock where it can evaporate keeping feet dry and comfortable.

Extremely quick drying they’ll be ready and waiting in the morning after a quick wash.

The Flat Toe Seam minimises bulk that could cause irritation and built on a structure of Lycra®, allows Bridgedale's Thermo Fit process to ensure the sock returns to its original shape and size after every wash

PECIFICATIONS More Information 79% Endurofil®/polypropylene 17%Nylon/polyamide 4% LYCRA®/elastane
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