BCB Adventure Paracord 50 Kilo

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Olive BCB paracord useful to soldiers and woodmen alike.


Paracord an extremely useful bit of kit; Every outdoor adventurer needs some Paracord in their kit.

whenever you really need to secure an item just reach for the Paracord in your back pack

This BCB Paracord is “Super Strong and long” – 15m (50ft)

It has a protective wear resistant sheath

The Braided inner cord can also be used as fishing line or for sewing in an emergency

Strong and tough

Olive paracord useful for all outdoor activities and uses

Breaking strain of approx. 50 kilos (110 lbs)

Protective wear resistant sheath

Braided inner cord can be used as fishing line or for sewing

Length: 15m (50ft)

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