Barts Flake Beanie Unisex

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The yarn of the Barts Flake Beanie has been space-dyed, wich means one piece of yarn consists of multiple colours. It has a super-soft teddy lining and fluffy faux-fur pom too. On our wishlist!



These Barts products feature an extra layer of either fleece or soft teddy fabric. It makes the Flake Beanie extra warm and comfortable. Bonus: beanies with lining prevent your forehead from becoming itchy!

Space-dying is a special way of dying yarn. By subsequently adding colour to the yarn, a unique repetition of colours will appear. In other words: one piece of yarn consists of multiple colours.

Using this yarn will result in a beanie (or scarf) like no other. A unique product. The hand made dying process makes the product unique. Its irregularities and imperfections give each product its charm and authenticity.

No space-dyed product is the same. 

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