Aqua Marina iSUP High Back Seat

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Yes, we know that they're called Stand Up Paddle boards, but sometimes, it would be nice to have a seat and paddle, and that's where this comes in! The Aqua Marina iSUP High Back Seat is a clip on seat that turns your SUP into a Sit on Top and folds flat out of the way when you want to stand up again.


Turn your Stand Up into a Sit on Top with this great clip-on seat from Aqua Marina. Compatible with most of the range, this easy-to-fit seat allows you to have a different perspective on your paddling, ie, from a seated position.

Made from tough polyester with an EVA pad for comfort, the attachment points and webbing straps are quite robust and offer a few attachment options depending on what you're riding.

• Removable seat to apply on SUP
• Polyester material and EVA pad
• Compatible with Breeze, Vapor, Fusion, Monster, Coral, Beast, Magma, Atlas, Hyper, Nuts, Super Trip Tandem.

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