Buff Reflective Buff Tubular Solid Olympian Unisex

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Solid Olympian - Reflective Multifunctional Tubular. Reflective multifunctional Buff neck tubular made of recycled microfiber featuring stretchability, sun protection and comfort.


A classic BUFF® product with an extra touch. This tubular has reflective stripes to improve visibility during the night or in low-light situations. Multifunctional, light and breathable, it is perfect for evening walks, early morning rides or even for night runs.
Comfort and security to enjoy outdoors life anytime. 
Size: Adults.
Wide range of wearing styles and possibilities. Enjoy versatility and freedom in one product.
Reflective 360 Tech: enjoy your favourite outdoor activities in low-light conditions, great visibility granted!
UltraStretch technology: highly stretchable product designed for top comfort and performance.
Made using recycled materials. Do more Now and help creating a better world to enjoy.
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