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What do I Pack for a Backpacking Holiday?

Backpacking in Vietnam

Flights booked. Departure day is approaching, excitement rising and then you wonder- what do I actually pack for a backpacking holiday?
Safety is paramount when travelling so make sure you’ve got mosquito spray, sun cream and a travel first aid kit topped up with any medicines you might need. Do some research about if you will need any water treatment system.
Many backpackers over pack and end up leaving stuff behind in hostels. Once you’ve packed, don’t be afraid of taking things out. You can always wash your clothes while you are away with a few soap leaves and travel wash linePacking cubes, zip lock bags and dry bags are a great way of organising your pack. Use them to separate all your cables and chargers, keep dirty clothes separate and keep things safe and dry.
You’re probably going to be on a long haul so with flight bottles you can decant what you need to freshen up on the plane. For other toiletries, just buy them as you need them at your destination.
Rain ponchos are perfect lightweight options- especially good for backpacking during rainy or monsoon season. Most hostels charge extra for towels so if you’re going to bring your own and make sure it’s a space saving and compact travel towel. Some people like to bring money minder to conceal their valuables or use rfid wallets to protect credit cards. If travelling alone, a travel door lock gives great peace of mind. Grab yourself a pair of ear plugs for sleeping on long journeys and just in case there is a snorer in your hostel. Speaking of hostels, many backpackers prefer to bring their own sleeping bag liners or even bed bug undersheets. If you’re going off the beaten track and don’t want to miss the perfect photo, pack a power bank so your phone is always on full charge.
Lastly, a hammock – because why not!


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