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New You in 2022

Scarpa handmaid Italian Boots

The New Year is a brilliant opportunity to start fresh and take the opportunity to reflect on what you have done for the past 12 months. It is also a great time as well as set goals and intentions for the next 12. With that said, here are some of our ideas on how to make 2022 an adventure activity-filled one!


An excellent way to experience the outdoors! Much like a swim in the sea, you never regret a hike. At the start of the year, it can be hard to find the motivation to get out on the hills. It is cold, wet, and often dark. However, with the right route, the right gear, and the right knowledge there is no reason to be a fair-weather hiker! Also if you bank a few consistent hikes at the start of the year you’ll be able to enjoy those spring and summer hikes so much more as your body will be fitter and stronger! 

In 2021 we saw a huge increase in the number of people showing an interest in hiking. Also, what constitutes hiking has changed greatly over the past few years and so has the gear alongside it. To the outside observer, hiking the Art O’Neill Challenge and hiking the Howth Cliffwalk are very different activities, however, they both fall under the category of hiking. There will be a huge crossover in the gear required for each of these types of hiking. However the longer and more “technical” the hike the more specific gear and knowledge you will require.

Top Winter Hiking Gear

If you would like to know what we recommend bringing on a winter hike you can read our blog on the topic or watch our video where Matthew walks you through the essentials!

Sea Swimming


If you are fortunate enough to live near our beautiful coastline, a dip in the sea is known to be good for you. New to the world of sea swimming? Why not try and take one dip every month for the year 2022? The first few will undoubtedly be the coldest but you’ll be well accustomed by the time summer rolls around again! There is a bit of gear snobbery around swimming, much like many other things but our opinion is if it gets you outdoors and in the water, it’s a good thing. So if you feel most comfortable in a pair of neoprene booties, a wetsuit, or (god forbid) like to warm up in a Robie post-swim, do it! Life is too short to worry about what other people think about what you are wearing or using!

Robie Robes - The Original Changing Robe


Rock climbing is an excellent way of increasing your strength, balance, and dexterity. While also having fun and engaging in an outdoor activity. Having said that, indoor gyms are an excellent place to go if you are either new to climbing or are looking to brush up on very specific techniques, moves, or skills! We would recommend going to Awesome Walls in Dublin. As the name suggests this is a truly awesome facility with lots of climbs to challenge you! Awesome walls have 10-meter high rope walls as well as shorter “bouldering” walls that offer a great workout without the need for ropes (there are soft crash mats on the floor to cushion you!) Another huge positive to climbing at Awesome Walls is that you can rent all the specific climbing gear you need before you climb! However, if you want your own kit you can pop into our climbing-specific store in the Awesome Walls building and talk to our climbing experts about what shoes, chalk bag or harness is best for you! We have included a list of the gear we would advise investing in if you want to get started with climbing in 2022. 


  • Without doubt the first investment of your climbing journey should be a pair of climbing-specific shoes. These will revolutionize your climbing experience! Your first pair of climbing shoes we would advise getting something comfortable, multi-purpose and with velcro fastenings for ease of adjustment. Something like the La Sportiva Tarantula or the Scarpa Velocity are excellent!

Chalk Bag + Chalk

  • The next thing on your list could be a chalk bag and some chalk. Chalk, much like your now nicely broken in climbing shoes, is useful for adding additional grip. The chalk stops your hands from getting sweaty and slippy.

Harness + Belay Device

  • Oh so you’ve been bouldering? The big overhang and ropes have caught your attention! Now you are willing to take the plunge into buying a harness. Much like for your first pair of climbing shoes, we would advise getting a harness that will cover you for many different disciplines. Maybe try the …..


  • Oh your getting serious now, perhaps you have done a learn to lead course in Awesome Walls and you are looking to eliminate the final rental obstacle to your climb. A good 50-meter gym rope is an excellent first rope to go for.


Now the list is endless. Now that you are invested there is no end to the gear you may need! A hangboard, huku board, and slackline for at-home training, new shoes, because you will probably need them by now, and all the outdoor climbing gear! 

Armed with the above information we hope that 2022 is an active one for you! As always if you have any questions about the outdoor gear we are more than happy to help you! 


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