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Meindl is a German footwear manufacturer located in Bavaria, where they make hiking and hill walking boots. The company was founded in 1683 by Petrus Meindl, and they are known for the high quality, hand craftsmanship of their footwear. Over 300 years of technology and innovation goes into these hand-made walking and hiking boots and shoes for men and women. Discover more >

Meindl is one of the few boot factories with proper production located in Germany. In their factory in Kirchanschöring in Bavaria, over 200 colleagues are employed in making boots – good boots! They are continuing a centuries-old tradition, because Meindl has made boots in Kirchanschöring for over 300 years.

Even if the hand craft production is today supported by modern equipment, each machine is operated by a person, carrying out one of over 200 work steps that are required in manufacturing a high-quality walking boot. Meindl’s master shoe-makers have the sensitivity, the experience and the commitment that a natural product such as leather, the principal boot material, needs, and they implement their very own quality-assurance systems.

Meindl have not renounced hand-crafted quality in favour of breaking into the mass market. With ingenuity, flexibility and market focus, they make boots of hand-made quality, which is what the market expects from one of the best boot makers worldwide.