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Kilimanjaro Info Night January 2017

Kilimanjaro,Earths Edge Kilimanjaro

Free Kilimanjaro Info Talk

Where? Great Outdoors, Chatham St, Dublin 2.
When? Tuesday, January 10th @ 7pm
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Read below for more info on this exciting expedition.
There will also be a 15% discount* available to all attendants on the night.


Earths Edge Kilimanjaro Info Talk

Find our more about Mount Kilimanjaro at our FREE Kilimanjaro Info night.
Kilimanjaro (5896m) is not only Africa’s highest point, it is the highest free standing mountain in the world. Kilimanjaro is a huge crater known as Kibo over 2km wide with several distinct cones, the highest being Uhuru Peak. The name Kilimanjaro is believed to come from Swahili, Kilima meaning ‘hill or little mountain’ and Njaro meaning ‘white’ or ‘shining’. Towering over 4,500m above the Rift Valley and the surrounding landscape, it makes for an impressive sight.
This 12 day itinerary includes seven days of walking on the Machame trail, the most scenic route to the summit. The Kilimanjaro climb incorporates seven days on the mountain which allows for great acclimatisation and maximises chances of a successful summit attempt. The route provides

Earths Edge Kilimanjaro Info Talk

spectacular scenery and a wide variety of different landscapes. We start in scrub-lands thick with African wildlife and then move into lush forests followed by flowering alpine tundra. Above 4,500m the landscape changes to snow and rock as we approach the summit. This trek is suitable for people with a good level of fitness who enjoy a challenge. The sense of achievement after climbing Kilimanjaro and view from the roof of Africa makes all the hard work and effort well worth it!
*Optional day safari in Tarangire National Park after the climb.
To see the full itinerary click here.
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