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Great Outdoors Headtorch Range

Great Outdoors Head Torch Range,Petzl,LED Lenser

Essential kit for dark adventures

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer the need for a good headtorch is becoming more and more important. Being able to cast light on your environment with your hands-free will transform your dark hours in the outdoors. Here are some of the key head torches in our range and what we believe they are best for!


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LED Lenser H19R Signature


4000 Lumens

This headtorch is a powerhouse! Best suited to professional or expedition applications. Mountain Rescue Teams, Coast Guards and Defence Force Teams will love the power, and mountaineers and other expeditions will be amazed by the battery life. The headtorch is the best in class.

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Petzl Swift RL

900 Lumens

The Swift RL is the smart, user-friendly, lightweight, multi-sport offering from Petzl. With reactive output technology, you will save battery and no longer blind your pals. The dual-band design keeps the headtorch balanced on the head. Best suited for hikers, runners and climbers who need a headtorch that won’t hold them back. Great Outdoors staff members Ian and Matt used this torch in the Art O’Neill Challenge in 2020.

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LED Lenser MH7


600 Lumens

The do-it-all well headtorch. Boasting 600 lumens this simple, functional, comfortable headtorch is the perfect light solution for professional plumbers, electricians and unprofessional outdoor enthusiasts!

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Petzl Actik Core


450 Lumens

Bestseller! The Actik and Actik Core from Petzl are the go-to torches for many. If you are unsure what torch to get, this is the one.

(The non-Core version does not come with a rechargeable battery and is marginally dimmer)






LED Lenser MH5


400 Lumens

A solid headtorch. LED Lenser’s equivalent of the Actik/Core this torch comes with enough brightness and solid build quality, as we would expect from LED Lenser!







Too many options!!

As with many outdoor gear decisions, the choice can be overwhelming. Any of these torches or the other offerings in our range would be well enough to get you outdoors in the darker months! If you are unsure still feel free to send us an email [email protected] or send us a Direct Message on Instagram or Facebook and we will be sure to help you choose the right torch for the job!


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