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Family Camping

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Are you loading up the car and heading on the Stena to France? Or are you taking a trip down to Wexford? Family camping is great fun, but can take a bit of planning to make sure it all goes smoothly and everyone is happy. We’ve gathered some advice based on our staff’s years of camping experience.

Set Up A Camping Village

John, one of our camping experts recommended getting a few smaller tents rather than one large tent for the family. “You can turn your camp site into a camping village. It gives Mam and Dad some space, and the kids will love having their own tents. A Vango Tay 200 for the kids and something like a Blazar 300 Rustic Green for the parents is a great set-up. Sometimes it even works out costing less than buying the 6 man tent for the family”. On top of all that, when the kids are a bit older and go camping alone they’ll have their smaller tents to take with them.
Saying that though, if you have younger kids that want the reassurance of their folks beside them, we have the ultimate Family camping tent. The Easy Camp Arena Air 600!

Cooking Up Big Family Breakfasts

For cooking, there are a few considerations. Equipment expert John recommends getting a couple of single ring stoves like the Outwell Appetizer. This gives you the freedom to cook as you would at home or be more minimal and only bring one stove.

More Tips?

Looking for more camping tips? Here’s a short and sweet list of some of our favourites.

  • Turn cooking into a family activity. Prep veggies and let everyone make their own foil pocket filled with whatever they fancy. Seal them up and throw them on the BBQ.
  • Teach them good habits- remind them to Leave No Trace – dispose of rubbish and fires responsibly, not to pick flowers.
  • No one likes itchy insect bites while camping. Keep the bugs away with sprays, smidge, mosquito bands, nosilife treated clothing, sage, rosemary and citronella.
  • This one is for camping in Ireland especially. Don’t let the rain stop you. Bring raincoats and wellies and be prepared to get outside. But at the same time, do have a rainy day plan. Know where the nearest indoor pool or museum is just in case the rain does get too heavy and you feel cabin fever setting in.
  • Get them off their phones and tablets and out onto the grass on sunnier days with a frisbee or some Aerobie toys!
  • Going camping doesn’t mean skipping your daily routine. Set up a shower station with a bottle and shower head attachment. It’s a great way to cool the kids down.
  • Seek shade. The Thermarest Tranquility wing 4 or the Thermarest Tranquility wing 6 are a great stress-free way to escape the sun (or rain…! A brilliant solution for a dining space!)Or get crafty and create your own shade with a tarp and some paracord.
  • Make nighttime trips to the toilet less spooky by giving them a glow stick to wear around their neck. It also means you’re less likely to lose the kids in the dark.
  • Obviously, Great Outdoors has all the family camping equipment you could ever want, but don’t be afraid to DIY stuff. You can make a lantern out of a head torch and bottle of water. Or, you can keep it simple with the Vango Star 85 Lantern Herbal.

And of course, you are always welcome to come into Great Outdoors on South Great Georges Street and ask our team for more tips and advice on family camping and if you’re unsure about how big a tent is, just ask and we will pitch it for you in-store.

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