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Brand Feature: C-Skins

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Summer is coming, and you know what that means. Longer days, warmer nights, and surf! Summer means more days spent on the water, and although it warms up a bit, Irish water can still be quite icy. That’s where having a proper wetsuit can come in handy. Even though we at the Great Outdoors stock a few different brands, our watersports expert Daniel loves to recommend C-skins. They are great for surfers, sailors, paddlers, and swimmers.
The 3 big reasons we like to recommend C-skins are quality, range, and performance. They are a quality wetsuit, their range of styles is huge, and they are built to perform in chilly Irish water.


C-skins have been making wetsuits since 1998, and although they aren’t regarded as a big player in the industry, its safe to say that they know what they’re doing. They’re specialized in making wetsuits for cool climates too. They are based in the UK and all their wetsuits are tested and made to be used in the waters of the North Atlantic.
While a thicker suit tends to mean a sacrifice in flexibility, Daniel is really impressed with the range of motion you can maintain in a C-skins suit. They’re 100% made with Irish water in mind.
C-skins are trusted to keep surfers, sailors, paddlers, and swimmers warmer for longer when in the sea. Daniel has a collection of wetsuits, but he knows that his C-skins suit is the one he can trust. He likes the way it looks too, “because it’s much more flattering in cut. The colours are much more appealing without going over the top flashy like some big-name wetsuits.”
Daniel spends a lot of time in the water and sings praise for the innovation that C-skins puts into their winter line too. There is a plenty of attention to detail and focus on making the wetsuits as warm as possible for their given thickness.

C-Skins Deep Freeze Tests – Hot Wired 5x4x3 Steamer


“Put up against most other wetsuits, there is a lot more value in the C-skins” Daniel says. “They aren’t a big name, so you can get a better deal on them, and they’ll work and last just as well.”
When it comes down to technology, Cskins comes fully loaded, the company is constantly evolving to make their suits lighter and stretcher. They’re made durable too! They last just as well as any wetsuit, which if taken care of can be quite a long time.
Plus, even though they’re built tough, they still maintain tonnes of stretch and flexibility too!


Daniel also loves the range of products available from C-skins. “They have everything from booties and rashvests, to hooded wetsuits for when it gets really cold. They even have wetsuits for babies!”
There is a huge variety of product in our store from wetsuits and rashtops for children from 1-year olds to 16-year olds. If you’re picking up a kid’s wetsuit too, it’s really useful to know about our Trade In Program. Because children grow so fast, we sell used wetsuits and offer up to 50% off your next kids suit if you bring the old one in.
C-skins doesn’t stop at kids too. We stock C-skins rash tops, steamers, hoods and booties for adults as well. We have adult 3mm wetsuits for ladies and men, or if you feel the cold a bit more we have thicker 5:4:3 wetsuits too.
Daniel likes the suits because once you’ve picked the right one you can use it for anything. “Surf, swim, and Kayak, all in the same suit!” If you’re thinking about getting into the water this summer, it’s worth your while coming into the shop to see the range and have a chat with one of our experts about C-skins.

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