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Backpacking Tips with Tough Soles

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  • Tuesday 26th April, 2022
  • By mrmattmcc

Tough Soles are long-term ambassadors at Great Outdoors. They have hiked all around the country and by that we mean they are the only people to have haked all 42 of the National Waymarked trails in Ireland, which equates to over 4000km of hiking! The vast majority of these trails were completed over 2 or more days, backpacking style. So it is fair to say that they are an authority when it comes to backpacking! 

Check out Tough Soles 

With that in mind here are 4 of their top tips for backpacking!

1. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

It’s normal for something you’re not prepared for to crop up and happen. It’s all part of the experience and learning. You can’t know everything before you go, just plan ahead and prepare as well as you can.

 2. Take your time

You can go as slow as you need. Leaving extra early is always great so you can incorporate as many breaks as you need without feeling the stress of getting to your endpoint “on time”


3. The right gear

Bring the gear that will see you through what you’re doing, instead of what “feels” like the right gear. We don’t always need heavy boots, and comfort is key.


4. Dry Run

Always do a “dry run”, backing all your gear in and walking around with your backpack on – actively walking, so that you feel how the weight moves and that it’s not too heavy


So with all that in mind what’s stopping you this year from packing a bag and tackling an overnighter or even a multi-day thru-hike? As Tough Soles will attest to, there is so much to choose from in Ireland when it comes to hiking trails and at Great Outdoors we stock everything you might need!


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