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8 Top Must-Haves for Hot Weather in Ireland

When the good weather comes in Ireland you better be ready to make the most of it. Here are a few of what we consider to be must-haves for hot weather in Ireland!


It goes without saying that suncream is an absolute must-have for hot days in Ireland.

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Sun hats

If you are out and about when the sun is at its highest, especially if you are on the hills you need to wear a shade-providing hat. Sunstroke can creep up on you and surprise you so keeping that at bay is essential. We would recommend a 360-degree brimmed hat as a preference.

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Keeping the essentials cool if you are camping during hot weather is also vital. Our range of coolers are incredibly insulated and as a result, will keep your drinks or food cool in the hot weather.

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An Insulated Water Bottle

Hydration is key! Regardless of what you are doing during the hot weather. Whether you are up Djouce or at your desk, staying hydrated is very important. You will lose a lot more fluids than normal when the weather is hot. An insulated bottle are the answer during hot weather, as it will keep your drink cool all day long!

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Cool off! Nothing beats a sea swim on a warm day as a way to cool off! However, do bear in mind that even though you are warm the water won’t be so we would advise easing yourself into the water and not going out of your depth as you can still get a cold shock even on warm days!

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Watersports Essentials

AquaMarina SUP,Stand Up Paddle Boards
Watersports are great things to do in the warm weather. At great outdoors we stock everything you could need for your watersports no matter the weather, if you want to explore our watersports essentials click here!

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Lightweight Clothing

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Being comfortable, especially if you struggle with the heat can be tough. Luckily we stock lots of lightweights, wicking, breathable clothing that is perfect for hot days!

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